What’s the matter with salary expectations during interviews? Any tips?

Currently in the process of interviews to change from my current senior data scientist position.

Every. God. Damn. Time. It’s that same question: “what are your salary expectations?”

To which I often reply “what is your salary range for the position?”. It’s almost impossible to get an answer to this one. All the time they say “it depends on your technical skills”. Wow, I didn’t know that! They are the one posting the job, not me gosh. And it’s not like we don’t know the skills needed for the job. If you have Databricks and AWS S3, you probably know the tech skills needed for senior positions and how much you are going to pay.

FFS, I remember when there were salaries listed next to positions. Nowadays you have to play poker to figure out how much they’ll pay you.

Anyway, enough rant for today, does any of you have tips or recommendations on negotiation of salaries? It drives me nuts and I almost don’t want to pursue with recruitment processes anymore.

NB: let’s not talk about week long “take home” assignments or “unpaid trial day at the company”…

Edit: folks, these are some pretty good tips, thanks a lot. And also: wow, I really hate the interview process.


Social media presence as a data scientist?

I have a modest travel gram that’s public and where I use hashtags to get more reach. In 2 years I just have 2k followers, I’m pretty inconsistent with posting but when I am posting I get roughly 10 new followers per post. It’s mainly been for fun since my partner and I love to travel, be outside, car camp, etc. But also my posts have been used on the AllTrails main account and for well-known product pages, and in the future I’d like to be able to use my account for little perks like getting free travel products or various discounts here and there. It would be cool to get sponsored and have a little side pay from that, but I’m not counting on that since I’m not planning to ever make travel my main gig.

All this is to say, how would potential DS employers judge me based on my travel gram? I’m still early in my DS career path, I have a neurosci bachelor’s and 4 years research experience in academia and am looking to apply to DS or stats masters programs soon. But social media seems to be so important, would this be seen as a negative to MS admissions teams or DS employers, even if I’m not posting anything inappropriate?


Data Acquisition in Retail – Adaptive Data Collection

In this part of the ‘Alpha Capture in Digital Commerce series’, we will explore the challenges of data acquisition in retail and discuss data science applications to solve these challenges.

## Adaptive Crawling

Adaptive crawling consists of 2 components:

## The elegant middleware: Smart proxy

Intelligence Node’s team of data scientists has worked on developing intelligent, automated strategies to overcome crawling challenges such as high costs, labor intensiveness, and low success rates. 

* Builds a recipe for the target from the available strategies
* Tries to minimize it based on: